Acknowledgments for “The YWCA’s Y-Chapel of Song and Central Plate”


Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume 94, Number 1
Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume 94, Number 1

Yesterday I received complimentary copies of the Chronicles of Oklahoma‘s Volume 94, Issue Number 1, which features my article “The YWCA’s Y-Chapel of Song and the Central Plate” about the University of Central Oklahoma’s Y-Chapel of Song. Because it is my first print publication, I decided to write this acknowledgements post to thank several people for their help.

I first learned about the Y-Chapel of Song when my wife, Helen, and I became engaged and started to look at wedding locations. We decided upon the Y-Chapel partly because of its cost, but also due to its location on campus. Several months later, I began my research shortly after I completed Historical Research and continued the project for Dr. Lacher’s “Social/Cultural History of the United States since 1877” class.2016-07-09 13.47.46

As I researched the Y-Chapel further, I discovered amazing women throughout history on UCO’s campus. They must be remembered, recognized, and respected. I hope my article will stimulate more interest in Oklahoma and Edmond women’s history.


As the publication process progressed, my grandfather Jerry Harrah passed away in April 2015. Before I received an acceptance letter, I decided to dedicate this article to him. He greatly impacted my life, but unfortunately he never saw my work in print.


There are several people I need to thank for their assistance with the research, writing, and editing of my article.

Thank you to:

  • Dr. Katrina Lacher for allowing me to write this paper for one of her classes and for helping me prepare the article for publication.
  • Heidi Vaughn for allowing me to research the Central Plate in the Laboratory of History Museum.
  • Dr. Mark Janzen for allowing me to continue my Y-Chapel of Song research about the Central Plate for his Museum Management course.
  • Deborah Baker for allowing me to research at the Edmond Historical Society & Museum and hiring me to work at the museum for two years.
  • The Chambers Library Archives & Special Collections staff for pulling the archival material collected by Dr. Jessie Newby Ray.
  • Elizabeth Bass, the Chronicles of Oklahoma editor, for accepting my article for publication.
  • My parents, Nancy and David, in-laws Bill and Diane Braddock, grandparents, and extended family for supporting me along the way.
  • Finally, Helen Salkeld for giving me a chance five years ago, marrying me in the Y-Chapel of Song, and being my best friend.

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